A relationship with Jesus requires a commitment to Justice

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Who do you say Jesus Is?

Today we here a question being presented to the disciples of Jesus. Who do you say that I am? This question is also possed to us. The answer to this question has profound consequences for us. Some would say that he was a prophet. Others would say a philosopher, still others would say a wonder worker.

If we respond as Peter did there is great consequence and responsibility. I heard a religious leader once call Christianity a great ideology, I respond with the words of Pope Francis, Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship bears with it responsibity and a call to Justice.

If like Peter we can call Him the Anoited on, the Christ the Son of God something will be required. Immediately Jesus gives Peter the task to build His Church, that is the task of inviting others to have a relationship with Jesus that not only transforms their life, but impels them to be agents of Justice, to be catalists who make a difference in our world that the Kingdom of God might be shown and it is a Kingdom of Justice, Peace and Love.

You see our faith in Jesus as our Savior and Lord as the Son of God and creator of the universe who is and who was the beginning and the end. Since he is all of this and more and we profess it, sing and shout about we must be like him. Women and men who seek wholeness for those whose lives are broken. To be a voice for the poor, the marginalized to stand up when the needs of the poor are tossed aside and deemed “political”. When the voice of those on the peripheries cannot be heard we must be that voice.

Jesus not only healed lives but he restored people and made them whole. He placed them back into right relationship with God and society. The leper, the prostitute, the tax collector, the orphan, the widow and the immigrant all he restored. All he welcomed, we must become a ministry of Justice that listens to and speaks up for those who would be shunned, as their fair housing is stolen from them and given to some other interest group. The poor are not and cannot become a political pawn in a chess game of greed. Rather the Church the Christian must stand up and struggle with a the marginalized to see that Justice is done.If you say Jesus is Lord and God, then God requires that you call others to share in God’s divine life through Justice, Peace and Love.IMG_0499

What’s happening at St. Joseph Catholic Church here in St. Petersburg?

F.A.ST yard sale

We are asking if you have items for the F.A.S.T yard sale please hold them at home until the week prior. In order to allow ample time in December for the sale we will allow a week to move items from your home and the office garage to the Hall. Please Do Not bring anymore items to the offices. There is no more storage space.

Catholic Men’s Conference

There are forms available Fr Stephan still wants to offer assistance to 4 young men to attend the conference. October 5,6,7,   Miami Florida

Office Closed on Labor Day.

There will be morning Mass at 8:00AM.

Music Ministry Retreat and workshop September 30th 9AM to 4:00PM. Location to be announced.

Mr. Joseph Edwards of Atlanta GA will be our retreat director and presenter. Joseph has been working with Contemporary Gospel and Praise teams across the country. He has also worked with the National Gospel Music Conference bringing Contemporary Gospel of the 21st Century to Catholic worship .
Those in the choir and music ministry or desiring to do so please come. Youth and young adults please join us. Joseph will be present for choir rehearsal Thursday day and the workshop on Saturday. The Retreat/Workshop will end with Sunday Praise & Worship and Mass


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