Observe what is Right, Do what is Just!

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God is an on time God.  God gives us what we need when we find ourselves overwhelmed by the challenges of our world. The world needs this word from the Lord.  As Christian’s we are called to do right,  to do justice for foreigners, for the immigrant for the “Other”.   I previously spoke of the reaching out and the engagement of the “other”, we hear a call to go even further and to do the right and act with justice.  In the midst of suffering, seeking a sense of belonging and connection the foreigner, the immigrant is special and regarded as holding great dignity before God.

The rise of intolerance, hatred and violence clearly is not what God desires.  We must be a voice for the voiceless, we must stand for those who are being torn down.  In a violent world in crisis compassion and love changes and transforms lives.  In the Gospel Jesus is approached by a foreigner, a Canaanite women in crisis.  She approaches Jesus and recognizes His ability to change her circumstance and her persistent faith brings healing for her daughter.  Like Jesus we are called to act with compassion and do the right for those in need.

When persons stand up for the weak and powerless God honors the right and the just.  Let us stand with those on the peripheries and be a people of welcome.  The true spirit of love that we share changes lives and makes our community a place where all are valued, all are recognized and the marginalized rise from despair to hope, from rejection to acceptance and regarded with respect.  Let’s observe what is Right and do what is Just for all persons of good will.
Fr. Stephan


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