Trust Jesus and Step Upon the Waters

IMG_0497Trust Jesus and step onto the waters 

Jesus invites us to step upon the waters.   Just as he invited Peter to step out of the boat in the mist of the storm so too does he for you and for me.   Life may seem like a storm and the waves, and winds of dispair, fear, hopelessness may toss us about.   It is in the very moment when all seems to be falling apart, your worried about your future, your child, your health your finances, school, job and co-workers.   Whatever it is Jesus invites you to trust him, take his hand and step out onto the waters and into the future.   You see that is all it takes making the one step and letting Jesus take you by the hand.  Don’t let the wind and waves of all that is happening distract your attention from Jesus.  Step into what God is about to do in your life and the life of our Parish and community.

Fr. Stephan Brown,SVD

Town Hall Meeting
This past week we had our first listening session.  Parishioners shared the great joy, support and loved experienced at Saint Joseph.  A brother and sister baptized here, to graduates from the old grade school, to the success and greatness of their children.   All this tied to St Joseph.   

There was a great desire to welcome and care for the poor, the homeless to feeding the hungry, giving shelter and simple being a church that reaches out to the peripheries.    As there was concern over the parish grounds, there was an acknowledgement of the great respect the community has for St Joseph and how together parish and neighboring community can work together.

A desire to come together more often to fellowship, enjoy one another was expressed.  It is clear the members of St Joseph love their parish and enjoy being with one another.  The vibrant spirit filled worship and true sense of Christian community desired as we seek to form our children in the faith, and root them in our Catholic identity.   Youth and young adults not only desire a place in our parish life but desire to draw closer to the Lord through retreats and service of those on the periphery.

Holy day of Obligation 
We entrust ourselves in a special way this week as we honor our Blessed Mother in the feast of the Assumption.  8:00AM and 5:30PM.    We will need a lector and Eucharistic Minister, please come out for this Holy Day of Obligation on August 15th, 2017 in the Chapel.

In the Divine Word

Fr Stephan 

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