Are you all in for the Kingdom of God?

As we liBROWN-Rev.-Stephan-S.V.D.-240x300sten to the word of God we see that to obtain something greatly desired it requires a willingness to give your all, to be all in.  If we truly desire to live for the kingdom, truly be committed men and women of faith it requires total giving of oneself.   When seeking a goal, whether as an athlete, a person starting their own business, or even desiring to grow in ones own endeavours it requires a willingness to give your all.

In the Gospel we find a landowner who discovers a treasure in a field.  In his desire for the treasure, he doesn’t steal it, he actually puts it back, goes and sells all he has in order to buy the field.  The desire for something as great as the treasure he found required a willingness to go back and look at all that he had, and by any means necessary gather what he needed so that he might take possession of the land and the treasure found within it.

So too the merchant who finds a fine pearl.  To obtain this precious pearl he too is willing to give his all, do whatever it takes and sells all he has and purchases the pearl.  When we truly value something, when we truly desire something of great worth and value to us we are willing to rid ourselves of what keeps us from obtaining it and step forward get rid of all the “stuff” sell it and go get what we hold precious.  God has a treasure a pearl of great value for us here at St. Joseph, but we have to be willing to do what it takes to give our all to obtain it.

As men and women called to give witness to the Kingdom of God we have to be willing to step forward, step into our future, our hopes and desires and give our all.  Knowing that when we truly give ourselves over and trust in God’s ability to bring about His greatness in our lives there is nothing that can keep us from that which God has for us and desires to give us, if we are willing to give him our all.

The image of the great catch is for us a sign that calls us to greatness as a parish.  In the net of the fisherman all kinds of fish were caught.  As church we have to go out into our neighborhood using the very love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to allow everyone in, shut no one out.  Let all know that they are desired, valued and welcome.   There is plenty good room in the Fathers house.  Let us strive with all we have for God’s Kingdom to be made manifest in this community.

In no instance do we see greatness come from any of these examples of the kingdom by  someone who just sits back and does nothing, in every instance there is an active, determined and focused effort to obtain the great treasure, or pearl or catch.  It takes hard work, but the reward of the kingdom is great.  God is so desiring to do something great in and through us, we just have to be willing to let him and then decide that we will give our all to make it happen.

Let be all in for St. Joseph and Give our All to build up the Kingdom of God here at 22nd Ave and Union


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